Saturday 13th February

River Wye

When you have to go, you have to go. The river has been high and 'iffy' for a long time, but Saturday offered hope. The gauge showed a falling river. The weather forecast was good; at least it was not rainy / snowing / sub-zero.

So, with a friend, I set off to fish for grayling for the first time this year. I was happy just to see the river; to make the important reconnection with an old friend. The river didn't disappoint. It was clear and just over one foot on the gauge. It looked ravishing, even in the grey light. Oh, but the grip of this beautiful friend was icy. The water temperature was breathtakingly cold.

I fished away for a couple of hours without seeing a fly or any evidence of any finny folk in residence. Then a decent grayling, around the two pound mark, grabbed my nymph and tore around the river. It was a lovely fish and I quickly returned it to the water. After that, leaking waders, cold feet and hands and any number of other pathetic excuses were used to leave the river. But it had been a wonderful day. The first of the year.


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